#The100DayProject – Short Poems Illustrated

The100DaysProject DakotaMidnyght Announcement

Two years ago I did two back-to-back months of NaBlo challenges. It was awesome. I loved writing every day and it did – as it was intended to – open the creative-floodgates. It also was the jumping off point for Dakota Midnyght Art. I began posting my artwork during those… Continue reading »

Accomplishment through Procrastination

I follow Rob Brezsney on Facebook for his horoscopes and thought-provoking ideas. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s an “American astrologer, writer, poet and musician.” I love his horoscopes because they don’t predict what will happen to you so much as present an alternative thought to provoke personal growth…. Continue reading »

Library Sounds

The library is a happening place these days. At the risk of sounding, well, you know, old, I remember when “Shhhhh!!!!” was a byword. I actually used a card catalog to look up book locations. (*Gasp!* Remember them?) And when you checked out materials, the librarian used an ink stamp to… Continue reading »

The Right View – Mama and Baby

Little Elf had his two-month doctor appointment today. He’s growing so fast… today he is 14 pounds, 7 ounces. I’m grateful that I’m around to see the changes this time… with Munchkin I’d gone back to work at 6 weeks (at least it was just part-time). There’s lots of challenges that we’re… Continue reading »