About Me

It seems like every few years the Universe sees fit to remind me that things can change and going with the flow is preferable to fighting it. Deep karmic lessons right there.

In high school, I was positive I was going to become a crazy cat lady. It was all planned out – I’d grow pansies in my front yard, serve sour lemonade to the neighborhood kids, and make my friends’ children come and mow my lawn (after which they’d be served pepper cookies). Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? 😉 I was saved from this horrific fate by the arrival of my two boys, Munchkin and Elf. Since then, I’ve become a mother, learned to make room for my creative passions again, and these days I’m also learning how to navigate life as a single parent.

I wear a lot of hats… writer, artist, creative entrepreneur, copywriter and editor, mother… among others. (Though let me tell you, some of those hats need a good makeover with some flowers and paint and oh… maybe a fancy ribbon or two.) I’ve never met a craft I didn’t like, visually consume books at a rather alarming rate, have some rather decided opinions about food and cooking, love gardening, flowers, and the natural world, and am an ace puzzle-piecer. Got a 1000 piece puzzle? Bring it on.

(If this wasn’t enough to satisfy your curiosity, I listed several more strange things about me in this post: Identity, in List Format.)

I’m so glad you’re here. I reply to every comment left on my posts, and I would love to hear from you.