Monday Musings: Invest in Yourself

Invest Definition - Mirriam-Webster Dictionary

1: to commit (money) in order to earn a financial return I have often shied away from investing in classes. My excuse is often financial and there’s definitely truth in that, but I’ve realized there are deeper, more sinister reasons behind my refusal to lay down hard, cold plastic for… Continue reading »

Monday Musing: Fall into Winter

The afternoons still slurry into soft heat, but mornings are nose-ticklingly crisp. Munchkin’s school is only six blocks away – so each morning I bundle the kids into the bike trailer, spread a blanket over their knees, and pedal like mad to make it before the bell. Three weeks in… Continue reading »

Monday Musings: Escape (A Poem)

Holland Lake -

let us fly escape slip out between the bars of nine to five duck the glaring gatekeepers the shoulds and to dos obligations and burden let us transform self-destruct under murmuring sweet-scented pines drink deeply of crystal teeth-shattering lakes run naked under the benevolent gaze of the moon let us go… Continue reading »