Monday Musings – Echt

echt ekht, adjective: real; authentic; genuine. One thing about Munchkin – about kids, really. They throw themselves into whatever they’re doing – craft, playing, annoying the adults in their lives – with equal parts enthusiasm and focus. Unless they’re directed to do something by someone else… in which case the simple act… Continue reading »

Sunday Snapshot/Monday Musing: Delitescent

delitescent del-i-TES-uhnt, adjective: concealed; hidden; latent. (Monday musings is a weekly post I used to do with a dictionary word as inspiration. Sundays are getting a bit hectic lately and I’m just plain forgetting to put up my Sunday post, so it’s getting revived and combined this week. )  Photographing my mother’s band,… Continue reading »

The Right View – Mama and Baby

Little Elf had his two-month doctor appointment today. He’s growing so fast… today he is 14 pounds, 7 ounces. I’m grateful that I’m around to see the changes this time… with Munchkin I’d gone back to work at 6 weeks (at least it was just part-time). There’s lots of challenges that we’re… Continue reading »