Long ago, in a Marathon far, far away…

Picking up running again was a challenge that frankly, I wasn’t sure I was prepared for. I trained for the full Missoula Marathon in 2011, and it took several weeks of training before I finally got to a point where I *gasp*enjoyed it. As I’ve mentioned a time or two… Continue reading »

The Pigeon Runs a Marathon

I have a good friend who is responsible for getting me into running. She also loves children’s books, and started giving Munchkin the Pigeon books way back when he was a baby. If you’re not familiar with the Pigeon books by Mo Willems, then hie thee to a bookstore and indulge,… Continue reading »

Monday Musings – Ambivert

abivert (noun) AM-bi-vurt 1. one whose personality type is intermediate between extrovert and introvert. Although I don’t tend to think of myself as a particularly busy person, there are times when I feel like I’ve bounced between friends and family obligations and the “to dos” of life so much that… Continue reading »

Spring Tide

I am not one of those people that usually complains about winter. I mean… I live in Montana, right? We have three seasons: Winter, Roadwork, and August (usually blisteringly hot and therefore qualifies as a season all on its own). My opinion has always been that if you live here… Continue reading »

Chicken Coop Building, among other things

Summer is finally here and now that the marathon is over(!) I’m committed to grabbing her with both hands, swinging her around, and letting her play merry-cob with my sense of time. The Missoula Marathon was an amazing experience. I’m a really, really slow runner (no really, I mean s-l-o-w)… Continue reading »