Monday Musing: Fall into Winter

The afternoons still slurry into soft heat, but mornings are nose-ticklingly crisp. Munchkin’s school is only six blocks away – so each morning I bundle the kids into the bike trailer, spread a blanket over their knees, and pedal like mad to make it before the bell. Three weeks in… Continue reading »

Spicy Apple Butter

Saturday is the big day! Look for a giveaway beginning on October 15th to celebrate my 100th post. I’ll be giving away a jar of this delicious apple butter. I’m feeling really lazy and tired tonight. It’s been a hard, long day. So… this recipe has been around for a… Continue reading »

The Contemplation of Food

Alrighty! We’re starting the count down to the 100th post! Look for a giveaway on Saturday, folks! Ooof. I haven’t even gotten a paycheck yet from my new job*, but it’s already sent home a little gift for me. Munchkin was up sick last night every couple of hours, and… Continue reading »

Miscon, Chickens!, and Catching Up

What do you think of when you think of Victorian fashion. Probably the huge outlandish bustles right? Those weird bumps that make women look like they have a camel hump? Did you know that in the middle of the Victorian period for about three or four years there were no… Continue reading »

Between the beans and tomatoes

If the perfect place and time for worship were to exist, it’d be right in between a bunch of tomato plants while picking green beans. I’m not kidding. This year I’ve been astounded by the flow of one crop into the next. First we had spinach… I can’t even begin… Continue reading »