Fallow Field, Unexpected Fruit

100 Day Project - 100 Mandala ~ Dakota Midnyght Art

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I (finally!) finished my 100 Day Project yesterday. It took more of me than I thought… nearly all of me there for a while. Time. Energy. Creativity. There was not much left over for things like writing and keeping up with reading other blogs, and I’m looking forward… Continue reading »

9 Unusual Tips for a Successful Art Show

Nine Unusual Tips for a Successful Art or Photography Show | DakotaMidnyght.com

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I set a goal to do an art show. I was not an art major in college, so I had very little experience in showing my work aside from some High School experiences. (And those hardly count.) I certainly never anticipated how much of… Continue reading »

Starving Artist Art Show Tour!

Sooooo… would you believe that I’ve never done a video before? I was super super nervous, but this is for everyone who couldn’t come to the show. You all are wonderful!!! You can see the frame for my bio just behind my head in the first shot… and I’ve included… Continue reading »

300, Part 2, Or; Really late Thankfuls

Yowza… so. much. happening. I’ve been feeling a bit bad about being so quiet. I was pretty overwhelmed and treading water… and I totally did it to myself. First, I promised to do something awesome and cool for my 300th post. No pressure. And then I was trying to get… Continue reading »

Octopodes at Play

Octopodes at Play | DakotaMidnyght.com Two enthusiastic octopodes find a lady's trunk at the bottom of the ocean floor... what will they do?!

When this idea popped into my head, I pictured a flurry of items flung about by overly enthusiastic octopodes and raining down on the ocean floor,. (On a side note, apparently while “octopi” is extraordinarily popular, it’s not actually correct since it’s not Latin in origin. Octopuses is apparently the most correct form, but… Continue reading »