The Pirate Ship Revenge (and how to build it)

I love making decorated cakes – although Munchkin’s first idea this year went something like this… “I want a cake with candy canes and santa and a Jedi and dragons and a horse.” Um… sure buddy… Funny thing – every time I asked him for the next couple of weeks… Continue reading »

The Very Banana-y Banana Bread recipe

Bananas taste great – until they start to ripen. Yes, I am one of those weird people who prefers my bananas just on the cusp of ripeness. They’re perfect when they’re just a little bit green, still firm. Sometimes these bananas almost crunch, they’re so unripe. Once the first few… Continue reading »

Monday Musings: Requiescence

Definition: Peace, quiet, lack of difficulty. This so does not describe my week. That’s why we call it a theme, right? So we can pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and keep moving on? In the middle of the week we got this: I don’t mind. Although, I’m really glad… Continue reading »