Monday Musings: Escape (A Poem)

Holland Lake -

let us fly escape slip out between the bars of nine to five duck the glaring gatekeepers the shoulds and to dos obligations and burden let us transform self-destruct under murmuring sweet-scented pines drink deeply of crystal teeth-shattering lakes run naked under the benevolent gaze of the moon let us go… Continue reading »

Blogging and Social Media – I’m doing it wrong

I hate Twitter. There, I’ve said it. (Ironically, I’ve gotten 7 new followers while working on this post. I… hate blogging? It’s worth a shot, right? 😉 ) I reserve the right to change my mind, but so far I find it to be an incomprehensible fast flying morass. I’m also not… Continue reading »

In the Beginning…

I think origin stories are fascinating. Where people come from, and what shapes their experiences… it’s why I wanted, at one time, to be a journalist. As an interviewer you’re allowed to ask all sorts of questions about someone’s history and they’re not obligated to answer, of course, but the stories…… Continue reading »