Monday Musings: Invest in Yourself

Invest Definition - Mirriam-Webster Dictionary

1: to commit (money) in order to earn a financial return I have often shied away from investing in classes. My excuse is often financial and there’s definitely truth in that, but I’ve realized there are deeper, more sinister reasons behind my refusal to lay down hard, cold plastic for… Continue reading »

#The100DayProject – Short Poems Illustrated

The100DaysProject DakotaMidnyght Announcement

Two years ago I did two back-to-back months of NaBlo challenges. It was awesome. I loved writing every day and it did – as it was intended to – open the creative-floodgates. It also was the jumping off point for Dakota Midnyght Art. I began posting my artwork during those… Continue reading »

Where Self Care Begins

Where Self Care Begins |

I did an art piece a few months ago. At the time, I was really struggling with some heavy, sludgy depression and I was trying to pour out some of those feelings on paper. Sadly, as cathartic relief it was pretty much a failure. Dwelling on how I feel tends… Continue reading »

Running on Empty

I get overwhelmed easily, particularly when we’re in transition periods – like right now – between summer and the school year. Have you ever noticed that we don’t use “whelmed” as a middle stage between “overwhelmed” and “puttering along peacefully?” This despite the Middle English origins of “overwhelmed,” and whelmed looking like… Continue reading »