Dangerous Parenting – Allowing children to take risks

Munchkin fell out of the apple tree the other day. He’s not hurt. He scraped up his belly a bit (sort of, there’s no visible marks) and had the wind knocked out of him. I was doing chores, glancing outside from time to time. I just happened to catch, from… Continue reading »

Sunday Snapshots – Snowy Day Activity and Wish for a Summer Day

We’ve been absolutely buried here in Missoula… an avalanche actually came down a mountain on Friday evening in an outlying neighborhood. It demolished one house, severely damaged another, and four people were buried. Thankfully, all four were rescued and are in varying health conditions at the hospital. I’m not even sure how… Continue reading »

The Parental Olympics

There’s a few different flavors of Olympics out there now – the regular Olympics, the Paralympics, Special Olympics, Youth Olympics… I propose a new one – the Parental Olympics. All parents should consider competing in this one… the competition will be fierce, but a gold medal could be yours. Just consider this… Continue reading »