Running on Empty

I get overwhelmed easily, particularly when we’re in transition periods – like right now – between summer and the school year. Have you ever noticed that we don’t use “whelmed” as a middle stage between “overwhelmed” and “puttering along peacefully?” This despite the Middle English origins of “overwhelmed,” and whelmed looking like… Continue reading »

Marathon Paced

The title of this post is slightly misleading. I run like a turtle treading treacle. Surely it can’t be that bad, you think to yourself… to which I say, No, really, it’s that bad. I run 10:30 minute miles if I’m lucky… usually I clock around an 11:30 or 12 minute… Continue reading »

Steal of a Deal

yellow river rock

I never pass a lemonade stand without stopping. I remember all too well the potent mix of opportunity and potential… of being 9 years old and arranging rocks, acorns and pretty yellow leaves in the playhouse with an intent to sell. My little sister and I named it “The Morning Bell Bakery”… Continue reading »

Baby Crazy

My pediatrician calls it “the baby crazies.” Otherwise known as a condition that strikes when your last planned child is between the delectable baby stage and still innocent and cute toddler stage. Most often afflicts women, no known cure – not even expanding the family. I’m glad there’s a name… Continue reading »

TuesdayTen – If wishes were fishes…

The #TuesdayTen this week is in honor of World Wish Day. “If the genie in the bottle gave you ten wishes, what would they be?” I decided to interview Munchkin for this one. I was curious to see what he’d come up with and I was pretty sure it’d be more entertaining… Continue reading »