Coconut Milk Strawberry Ice Cream

I love ice cream. Maybe a little too much. We have two ice cream shops that we haunt regularly – Big Dipper here in Missoula, and Elevated Ice Cream in Port Townsend. It’s a tradition to visit Elevated every time we visit. In fact, we opted to have ice cream pie… Continue reading »

Monday Musings – Finding Inspiration

I think inspiration works in waves across the universe… nothing is ever really “unique,” of course, but everyone sees things a little differently. But I find I’ll have an idea and then suddenly I start seeing that “thing” everywhere. Maybe it’s less because other people have the same idea at… Continue reading »

On the Cusp – Direction Changes

It was a full moon and an eclipse Monday night. At the risk of sounding new agey, the moon finally achieving its full-bodied glory only to compete with the earth’s shadow strikes me as … something of magnitude. A reminder that we must always keep reaching, perhaps? Rob Brezsny’s horoscope also tells me… Continue reading »