Monday Musing: Fall into Winter

The afternoons still slurry into soft heat, but mornings are nose-ticklingly crisp. Munchkin’s school is only six blocks away – so each morning I bundle the kids into the bike trailer, spread a blanket over their knees, and pedal like mad to make it before the bell. Three weeks in… Continue reading »

Springing the Spring Garden 2015

Spring has sprung here. There’s no getting around it. It’s very possible that we’ll get a few more snow showers (after all, we live in Montana, where it snows in August and it’s considered perfectly normal), but I think our days of snow coverage are ended. The crocuses are popping… Continue reading »

Steal of a Deal

yellow river rock

I never pass a lemonade stand without stopping. I remember all too well the potent mix of opportunity and potential… of being 9 years old and arranging rocks, acorns and pretty yellow leaves in the playhouse with an intent to sell. My little sister and I named it “The Morning Bell Bakery”… Continue reading »

The Contemplation of Food

Alrighty! We’re starting the count down to the 100th post! Look for a giveaway on Saturday, folks! Ooof. I haven’t even gotten a paycheck yet from my new job*, but it’s already sent home a little gift for me. Munchkin was up sick last night every couple of hours, and… Continue reading »

A Fair Experience

Fair time is one of those events each year that I simultaneously anticipate and dread. I love checking out the animals, drawing new inspiration from the quilt gallery, mentally noting flowers that I’d love to plant in my own yard.   At the same time, it’s also a LOT of people,… Continue reading »

Chicken Coop Building, among other things

Summer is finally here and now that the marathon is over(!) I’m committed to grabbing her with both hands, swinging her around, and letting her play merry-cob with my sense of time. The Missoula Marathon was an amazing experience. I’m a really, really slow runner (no really, I mean s-l-o-w)… Continue reading »