Starving Artist Art Show Tour!

Sooooo… would you believe that I’ve never done a video before? I was super super nervous, but this is for everyone who couldn’t come to the show. You all are wonderful!!! You can see the frame for my bio just behind my head in the first shot… and I’ve included… Continue reading »

Octopodes at Play

Octopodes at Play | Two enthusiastic octopodes find a lady's trunk at the bottom of the ocean floor... what will they do?!

When this idea popped into my head, I pictured a flurry of items flung about by overly enthusiastic octopodes and raining down on the ocean floor,. (On a side note, apparently while “octopi” is extraordinarily popular, it’s not actually correct since it’s not Latin in origin. Octopuses is apparently the most correct form, but… Continue reading »

Purely Fantasy – Fish and Dragon

Whimsical fish inspired by Fantasia | DakotaMidnyghtArt (

I am slowly but surely finishing up the last few drawings for the Team Animeal’s Fundraiser, and these two have gone off to their new homes. Although I initially didn’t want to take subject matter requests, I ended up doing so to keep the donations coming in.  I just didn’t… Continue reading »