Monday Musings – Finding Inspiration

I think inspiration works in waves across the universe… nothing is ever really “unique,” of course, but everyone sees things a little differently. But I find I’ll have an idea and then suddenly I start seeing that “thing” everywhere. Maybe it’s less because other people have the same idea at… Continue reading »

Monday Musings: Owls, Owls, and more Owls

Lunar Owls | Dakota Midnyght Art (

I hope you’re not sick of owls yet, because here they are one last time. I have a particular reason to love these two. They’re sleeping. My 7 month old is not, presently. It’s a combination of last week’s schedule being entirely thrown off and a transition into the crib. He’s… Continue reading »

Shroom Palace – Home of the Gnomes

It took forever to finish this one, yeesh! First I suffered a confidence crisis about halfway through… I wasn’t sure that I liked it. (Nothing new there.) Then just finding the time to work on it (with good light) was pretty difficult. I started attending an every other week crafty get-together… Continue reading »