Monday Musings: Invest in Yourself

Invest Definition - Mirriam-Webster Dictionary

1: to commit (money) in order to earn a financial return I have often shied away from investing in classes. My excuse is often financial and there’s definitely truth in that, but I’ve realized there are deeper, more sinister reasons behind my refusal to lay down hard, cold plastic for… Continue reading »

Straddling Worlds

Ricochet. It even sounds like bouncing around from one extreme to the other. A lot of exciting things are developing, but I find myself bouncing from depressed and on the verge of tears to manically happy within the space of a couple heartbeats. It’s not my preferred way to get through the day,… Continue reading »

Educational Stretch

I miss school. College, more precisely. I miss the thrill of stepping into a new classroom, getting the syllabus, and having the instructor give a brief overview of what the class is about. I don’t know that I miss the grading, the papers, and the required classes that didn’t seem… Continue reading »