Monday Musings: Escape (A Poem)

Holland Lake -

let us fly escape slip out between the bars of nine to five duck the glaring gatekeepers the shoulds and to dos obligations and burden let us transform self-destruct under murmuring sweet-scented pines drink deeply of crystal teeth-shattering lakes run naked under the benevolent gaze of the moon let us go… Continue reading »

Fallow Field, Unexpected Fruit

100 Day Project - 100 Mandala ~ Dakota Midnyght Art

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I (finally!) finished my 100 Day Project yesterday. It took more of me than I thought… nearly all of me there for a while. Time. Energy. Creativity. There was not much left over for things like writing and keeping up with reading other blogs, and I’m looking forward… Continue reading »

Changes, Updates, Blog Excitement! Website

Oh goodness… there’s quite a few things for me to catch up on… an interview, website changes, some personal items, and a new piece! First: I was interviewed about my art business! Click here to hop over to Bev’s blog Linkouture and read all about how I settled on my… Continue reading »

300, Part 2, Or; Really late Thankfuls

Yowza… so. much. happening. I’ve been feeling a bit bad about being so quiet. I was pretty overwhelmed and treading water… and I totally did it to myself. First, I promised to do something awesome and cool for my 300th post. No pressure. And then I was trying to get… Continue reading »

Mamalode Article and Etsy Shop! ~ 300 Part 1

No Capes Required (article link) | by Dakota Nyght

This was really not what I had planned for my 300th post, but I haven’t managed to get it finalized yet, so I bring you Part 1 with two announcements (this post), and Part 2 (up on Monday). First, I’m super excited to announce that I’m up on Mamalode today with No… Continue reading »