A Case of Mommy Guilt, the Halloween Edition

Halloween has become a bit of a big deal in our household. There’s a lot of pressure, you know? The costumes, the trick or treating, the massive amounts of candy… To tell you the truth, my three and a half couldn’t care less. I’m not sure he is even cognizant… Continue reading »

The Iron Throne, Knights with Swords, and Little Princesses

There are three things that end up getting in the way of my writing. Depression, motherhood, and the just plain busy of our lives. (I also admit that I saw the advertising on my blog, and for whatever reason that really threw me for a loop for a couple of… Continue reading »

The Great Costume Debate

I’ve been obsessing over Munchkin’s Halloween costume. I’m really not a commercial costume fan… too cheap, too cheesy, and too bloody inappropriate lots of the time. Shoop and I wandered around in Target last night looking at the costumes, and I kid you not… there’s a “Precious Vampire” costume. For… Continue reading »

Miscon, Chickens!, and Catching Up

What do you think of when you think of Victorian fashion. Probably the huge outlandish bustles right? Those weird bumps that make women look like they have a camel hump? Did you know that in the middle of the Victorian period for about three or four years there were no… Continue reading »