Crafting with Kids – Tips to Hook them for Life

Crafts with Kids - Tips to Hook Them for Life ~

As you know, I’m a mom to two wonderful boys. And as you also probably know, I adore the sheer act of making. Sewing, embroidery, crocheting, jewelry-making, you name it (except knitting, ugh, never knitting)… Even before I had kids, I knew I’d want to share those skills with my… Continue reading »

Sunday Snapshot/Monday Musing: Delitescent

delitescent del-i-TES-uhnt, adjective: concealed; hidden; latent. (Monday musings is a weekly post I used to do with a dictionary word as inspiration. Sundays are getting a bit hectic lately and I’m just plain forgetting to put up my Sunday post, so it’s getting revived and combined this week. )  Photographing my mother’s band,… Continue reading »

Sunday Snapshots – Snowy Day Activity and Wish for a Summer Day

We’ve been absolutely buried here in Missoula… an avalanche actually came down a mountain on Friday evening in an outlying neighborhood. It demolished one house, severely damaged another, and four people were buried. Thankfully, all four were rescued and are in varying health conditions at the hospital. I’m not even sure how… Continue reading »