Picking Favorites – Children’s Books We Love

I’ve always said we can never have too many books. If a friend offers up a stack of kids books, I jump at the chance to add new titles to the kids’ library. I’ve made it a tradition that “Christmas Eve” gifts include books, and I’m always scanning the library… Continue reading »

How to Win the Worst Parent of the Year Award

Win the Worst Parent of the Year Award, Easy Tips

Today is Munchkin’s last day of preschool and I’m staring straight into the jaws of summer. Oh, you know, those loooooooong days of sweet one-on-one time, craft making, nature exploration, fun, merriment and… hahahahahaha. I’ve qualified for the Worst Parent of the Year Award 6 out of the last 7… Continue reading »

Achieving Flight – A New Definition of Balance

Redefining Balance - Achieving Flight

I’m disillusioned. Our never-ending quest for balance is a fool’s errand, I’m sure of it. Well, my idea of balance anyway. I’ve always envisioned reaching a balance and self-identity nirvana. In that sublime state, I glide through life, easily handling all priorities, never coming unglued with obligations or the piling… Continue reading »

Springing the Spring Garden 2015

Spring has sprung here. There’s no getting around it. It’s very possible that we’ll get a few more snow showers (after all, we live in Montana, where it snows in August and it’s considered perfectly normal), but I think our days of snow coverage are ended. The crocuses are popping… Continue reading »