Walking with Depression

Poems on Depression | Dakota Midnyght Art

Yesterday I did something I never do; I took a three hour nap in the middle of the day. My family attended the 29th iteration of Missoula’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention, MisCon, over Memorial Day weekend and afterward I was completely wrung out. Even after napping, I’m still fighting the after-effects of… Continue reading »

Achieving Flight – A New Definition of Balance

Redefining Balance - Achieving Flight

I’m disillusioned. Our never-ending quest for balance is a fool’s errand, I’m sure of it. Well, my idea of balance anyway. I’ve always envisioned reaching a balance and self-identity nirvana. In that sublime state, I glide through life, easily handling all priorities, never coming unglued with obligations or the piling… Continue reading »

#The100DayProject – Short Poems Illustrated

The100DaysProject DakotaMidnyght Announcement

Two years ago I did two back-to-back months of NaBlo challenges. It was awesome. I loved writing every day and it did – as it was intended to – open the creative-floodgates. It also was the jumping off point for Dakota Midnyght Art. I began posting my artwork during those… Continue reading »

Where Self Care Begins

Where Self Care Begins | dakotamidnyght.com

I did an art piece a few months ago. At the time, I was really struggling with some heavy, sludgy depression and I was trying to pour out some of those feelings on paper. Sadly, as cathartic relief it was pretty much a failure. Dwelling on how I feel tends… Continue reading »

Deliberate Mess; Creativity and Cleaning

I used to believe if my Creative Muse was strong enough, she’d overcome all other obstacles; a messy house, loud children, exhaustion stronger than multiple cups of coffee. I played chore hot potato with my husband and willed myself to believe that it was okay when dinner was take-out pizza…. Continue reading »