300, Part 2, Or; Really late Thankfuls

Yowza… so. much. happening. I’ve been feeling a bit bad about being so quiet. I was pretty overwhelmed and treading water… and I totally did it to myself. First, I promised to do something awesome and cool for my 300th post. No pressure. And then I was trying to get… Continue reading »

Out of the Comfort Zone

Oh man, I really didn’t think I was going to manage a blog post this week, but I’m going to throw this one together simply to stay in the writing habit… things are heating up in my little corner and it’s great and overwhelming and exciting and terrifying all at… Continue reading »

Breath in. Breath out. Repeat.

Last Monday I spent a couple of hours curled up on the futon, concentrating on just taking one breath after another. The Engineer – recalled in my panic from his work – googled symptoms for things like heart attack and anxiety. I’ve had to take things a little slower each day since then. Some days are… Continue reading »

Best of times, worst of times

I had an amazing weekend. I also had a pretty terrible weekend, and so Dickens’ title comes to mind. Why is it that the not-so-wonderful stuff feels so much worse when there’s really awesome stuff happening too? It seems like the awesome stuff should blunt the terrible stuff… know what I mean?… Continue reading »