Achieving Flight – A New Definition of Balance

Redefining Balance - Achieving Flight

I’m disillusioned. Our never-ending quest for balance is a fool’s errand, I’m sure of it. Well, my idea of balance anyway. I’ve always envisioned reaching a balance and self-identity nirvana. In that sublime state, I glide through life, easily handling all priorities, never coming unglued with obligations or the piling… Continue reading »

Springing the Spring Garden 2015

Spring has sprung here. There’s no getting around it. It’s very possible that we’ll get a few more snow showers (after all, we live in Montana, where it snows in August and it’s considered perfectly normal), but I think our days of snow coverage are ended. The crocuses are popping… Continue reading »

Stenciled Cupboard Storage

Stenciled Storage Cabinet | DIY repainted and stenciled storage cupboard.

One thing I’ve learned as a stay at home parent and budding entrepreneur: Children and Business Supplies do not mix. Munchkin steals my painters tape on a regular basis, and anything “put away” is fair game for a wandering, curious Elf to get into. On more than one occasion I’ve… Continue reading »

Becoming a Grinch Saved Christmas

I’m learning – albeit very slowly – that the more I try to control something, the less it works. In this case, it’s the holidays. Apparently, along with “accepting change can be okay,” learning to “let go” is apparently one of my karmic lessons to learn. I’ve struggled, more and… Continue reading »