Crafting with Kids – Tips to Hook them for Life

Crafts with Kids - Tips to Hook Them for Life ~

As you know, I’m a mom to two wonderful boys. And as you also probably know, I adore the sheer act of making. Sewing, embroidery, crocheting, jewelry-making, you name it (except knitting, ugh, never knitting)… Even before I had kids, I knew I’d want to share those skills with my… Continue reading »

Let your Geek Flag Fly – 50s Link & Zelda Cosplay

50's Film Noir/Fantasy Zelda's Clutch/Necklace (Link & Zelda Cosplay at Miscon 2016)

So now, dear friends, is when I admit that I am, was, and will continue to be, a complete geek. It’s interesting saying that in this space. I have posted about geeky things in the past, but my writing has been more literary-inclined of late. I circle around several themes… Continue reading »

Deck the Halls (with Cookies)

Deck the Halls with Cookies (parody lyrics) |

I love a good lyrics parody, and I’ve written a few holiday-themed ones over time. I originally published this a few years ago, but the lyrics are perhaps even more relevant than they were back then (especially the wine drinking part)! If you have kids, a small kitchen, and find yourself running out… Continue reading »

Monday Musing: Fall into Winter

The afternoons still slurry into soft heat, but mornings are nose-ticklingly crisp. Munchkin’s school is only six blocks away – so each morning I bundle the kids into the bike trailer, spread a blanket over their knees, and pedal like mad to make it before the bell. Three weeks in… Continue reading »

Picking Favorites – Children’s Books We Love

I’ve always said we can never have too many books. If a friend offers up a stack of kids books, I jump at the chance to add new titles to the kids’ library. I’ve made it a tradition that “Christmas Eve” gifts include books, and I’m always scanning the library… Continue reading »

How to Win the Worst Parent of the Year Award

Win the Worst Parent of the Year Award, Easy Tips

Today is Munchkin’s last day of preschool and I’m staring straight into the jaws of summer. Oh, you know, those loooooooong days of sweet one-on-one time, craft making, nature exploration, fun, merriment and… hahahahahaha. I’ve qualified for the Worst Parent of the Year Award 6 out of the last 7… Continue reading »