Fallow Field, Unexpected Fruit

100 Day Project - 100 Mandala ~ Dakota Midnyght Art

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I (finally!) finished my 100 Day Project yesterday. It took more of me than I thought… nearly all of me there for a while. Time. Energy. Creativity. There was not much left over for things like writing and keeping up with reading other blogs, and I’m looking forward… Continue reading »

Walking with Depression

Poems on Depression | Dakota Midnyght Art

Yesterday I did something I never do; I took a three hour nap in the middle of the day. My family attended the 29th iteration of Missoula’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention, MisCon, over Memorial Day weekend and afterward I was completely wrung out. Even after napping, I’m still fighting the after-effects of… Continue reading »

#The100DayProject – Short Poems Illustrated

The100DaysProject DakotaMidnyght Announcement

Two years ago I did two back-to-back months of NaBlo challenges. It was awesome. I loved writing every day and it did – as it was intended to – open the creative-floodgates. It also was the jumping off point for Dakota Midnyght Art. I began posting my artwork during those… Continue reading »

Spring Sale on Art Prints in the Etsy Shop!

Dakota Midnyght Art Print Spring Sale

Happy Spring Equinox! The sun has been out the past two days and I’m taking full advantage. Every year I want to do family hikes and camping trips, and every year we never do quite as much as I want to. (I tend to be the outdoor junkie in our… Continue reading »