Falling in, Leaning out

Finding balance as a parent and entrepreneur, new year resolution.

The New Year comes leaping in, trumpets blaring and eyes blazing with ambition, while the tired, worn-out Old Year slips away on quiet feet to places unknown… someone wrote this, or something similar, I believe, but I cannot for the life of me find who and Google is failing me…. Continue reading »

Stenciled Cupboard Storage

Stenciled Storage Cabinet | dakotamidnyght.com DIY repainted and stenciled storage cupboard.

One thing I’ve learned as a stay at home parent and budding entrepreneur: Children and Business Supplies do not mix. Munchkin steals my painters tape on a regular basis, and anything “put away” is fair game for a wandering, curious Elf to get into. On more than one occasion I’ve… Continue reading »

9 Unusual Tips for a Successful Art Show

Nine Unusual Tips for a Successful Art or Photography Show | DakotaMidnyght.com

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I set a goal to do an art show. I was not an art major in college, so I had very little experience in showing my work aside from some High School experiences. (And those hardly count.) I certainly never anticipated how much of… Continue reading »