When I grow up…

A flirtatious fantasy hummingbird by Dakota Midnyght Art (dakotamidnyght.com).

I find it difficult to talk about my dreams and what I “do,” because I get “the look.” You know the one… the one that says, “Really? You want to be an artist and make kids’ costumes? That’s not a real job!” I’m never sure how to respond to this type of practical… Continue reading »

Slow Breaths, Small Steps

I just pushed the “purchase” button – that last click of almost-no-return – for a color calibration unit for my computer monitor. I’ve saved for a few months and picked up a dog sitting gig to reach my goal. It’s not an expensive item compared to some other electronic gadgets, or… Continue reading »

Purely Fantasy – Fish and Dragon

Whimsical fish inspired by Fantasia | DakotaMidnyghtArt (dakotamidnyght.com)

I am slowly but surely finishing up the last few drawings for the Team Animeal’s Fundraiser, and these two have gone off to their new homes. Although I initially didn’t want to take subject matter requests, I ended up doing so to keep the donations coming in.  I just didn’t… Continue reading »

Monday Musings – Finding Inspiration

I think inspiration works in waves across the universe… nothing is ever really “unique,” of course, but everyone sees things a little differently. But I find I’ll have an idea and then suddenly I start seeing that “thing” everywhere. Maybe it’s less because other people have the same idea at… Continue reading »