Three Wishes from the Writing Genie

Dear Writing Genie,

First off, thanks for popping out of that enchanted pencil. I had no idea you were in there, but it seems a little cramped. Should we try to find you bigger quarters? Are you even interested in remaining a genie?

Oh, okay, well you seem to think this life suits you. If you ever change your mind, let me know. We’ll find something else for you to do.

Oh! Yes please, I’d love to have three wishes.

1) I’d really like to have a reliable muse… maybe I could get a back up or two? It seems like she ducks out on sick day quite often… maybe she has a chronic disorder? I really don’t want to replace her with someone else as I love her ideas, but it would be lovely if somehow she could work out a deal with another muse so that I could do client work steadily during the day and then also still have energy for my own writing at night. I know that’s a big ask, but that would still be fabulous.

2) Speaking of magical beings… I don’t suppose you know the Sandman, do you? No no, not for me. For my kids. You see, I try to write in the mornings, but I swear there’s secret alarms attached to the underside of my laptop and journal covers. I’m wondering if the Sandman would be amenable to giving my youngest an extra sprinkle at night. It would be great if he slept in just a few minutes longer in the morning instead of waking up mere seconds after I do.

3) While we’re at it, could I put a new, lighter laptop on the wish list? I know, I know, this one is suuuuuper greedy, but I’d love to have something portable and light to take with me to coffee shops and on the road. I really appreciate having the one I have now, but it’s pretty heavy and the battery is giving out.

Thanks Writing Genie. You’re the best.


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