“Love Letter” to Port Townsend (Poem)

We recently got back from a trip over to Port Townsend/Seattle area to see family and unwind a bit. It’s a place that’s near and dear to my heart. We do have dearly loved family over there, but also there is just something in the air, the soil… the way everything is green… that speaks to my soul. I’ve written about it over and over. I spent a summer interning at the newspaper during my college days, and when things get a little too crazy feeling, Port Townsend is the first place I think of for escape.

This year our visit happened in April – coincidentally during National Poetry Month and my participation in a month-long poetry writing group headed up by Jena Schwartz. One of the prompts produced this poem I’m sharing below.

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Blooming Rhododendron - DakotaMidnyght

“Love Letter”

Were my heart not grounded
it would take root here
Here in the land of stately madrones
and coho salmon coveys
savor those unfamiliar names
uncurl them on my stilled tongue
Brace against the salt winds
blowing across ship decks and
verdant green mountains and
slate grey shelled beaches
waiting to cradle tired legs
tired shoulders
weary mind
Lay me down
under scarlet pink rhododendrons
cover my soul with soft loam
and let me dream

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11 thoughts on ““Love Letter” to Port Townsend (Poem)

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  1. Fragrant ! opening some doors new. So much surrender and the calm that it brings – the perfect ‘love letter’❤

  2. Fragrant! Opening some doors new. There is so much surrender and the calm that it brings – makes the perfect ‘ love letter’❤

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