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are the sunny day that peeps out behind the clouds
teasing and coaxing you out
to throw off your coat and contemplate rolling around
on the still snow-soaked emergent grass
technical color brilliance under
diamond rays making you blink
and squint
when you say hello to the older couple walking the
chu wow wow… says your little one
tip tip toeing, stretching as high as he can reach to push the yard sale stroller that
saved your life once and again and again
out on a day like this
and walking
to run away from the four corners and bare walls
across from the field they’ve scraped to barren ugliness
and you breathe, deep breaths, of warm and green growing things
planted in your mind, deep
One more year or maybe two and change will occur as it does and
the bedrooms will multiply (maybe) and you’ll find space for yourself (maybe)
and break new ground to grow new peas and taller children and
you’ll be the

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