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Robots seem to be a Romantic A-lister for folks this year. Several people have ordered “Robots in Love” cards from the Etsy shop – which has been so much fun. I love seeing where my artwork ends up!

Cards are awesome – but I wanted to create a little project for the last minute-ers among us. (And I’m adding myself to this list – I STILL haven’t planned anything for Valentine’s Day. We never go out to dinner, but try to mark the occasion with a nice note or small gift.) This little robot gift box might be just the thing. I’ve created two versions. One is full color so you can print, assemble, stuff, and go! The other is a black and white version so you can have the fun of coloring it.

(Just a note: The black and white version would be great for kids, too. They can color, cut, and assemble, and have cute valentines for classmates, friends, or family members. The black and white version is 6 year old tested and approved. 😉 )

I’d love to see your creations – please feel free to tag my Instagram account (@dakotamidnyght) or Facebook page (DakotaMidnyght) with pictures!

Note: To access the free download, please sign up for my newsletter! You’ll get an email with a link and password to my downloads page. This isn’t the only fun gift – I’ve got more goodies in the works for my newsletter subscribers!

Paper and Printing Recommendations:

Unfortunately, printing quality and color rendering vary widely from printer to printer, and this is why I can’t guarantee that you will end up with exactly the same colors I did. However, I’ve provided a few different file options for printing:

Robot Treat Box (Color).pdf – Use this file if you are doing your printing at a Staples, Kinkos, or an equivalent printing center.

Robot Treat Box (B&W).pdf – Use this file with a premium paper recommendation like I’ve made below or on basic cardstock.

Robot Treat Box (Color).jpg – Use this file for printing on a basic scrapbooking cardstock.

Paper: If you can, chose a high quality presentation paper to print your treatbox. I obtained the best color results using Epson Premium Presentation Matte paper. Each brand of printer will have an equivalent.

Printing: Most printers should have the option to choose a “presentation” or “matte” paper under the advanced settings options – essentially, something different than plain printing paper. You can also experiment with your color controls (letting the printer control the color, or choosing no color management).




9 thoughts on “Robot Valentine Treatbox Download

    1. Ah, lady, I need to catch up with you! I haven’t been doing anything really except get ready for that show that went up. And then this, the past couple of days.

      Thank you so much and I’m so glad he made you smile! <3

    1. Oh yes, please do! I almost printed out a bunch for Munchkin’s valentines, but we’re using them for the school class party instead. 🙂

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