Spring Sale on Art Prints in the Etsy Shop!

Happy Spring Equinox! The sun has been out the past two days and I’m taking full advantage. Every year I want to do family hikes and camping trips, and every year we never do quite as much as I want to. (I tend to be the outdoor junkie in our family.) We made it out three times last year… which was definitely enough when camping with a one year old, but since Elf is up and walking around (and can eat dirt!) this year, I’m hoping to make camping or hiking at least an every other weekend activity.

In any case, the Spring Equinox makes me so happy… and I want to share some of that bubbly feeling with all of you… so, I’m having an Etsy Shop sale! Everything listed is 20% off (the prices already reflect the change).

Dakota Midnyght Art Print Spring Sale


I hope to see you over there! Happy happy happy SPRING!!!

3 thoughts on “Spring Sale on Art Prints in the Etsy Shop!

  1. Spring is in the air! Spring is in the air! And just think how much has changed for you since last spring– now you are even more officially a professional artist :).

    1. Thank you so much Rich! There’s lots of ways to do them – let me know if you’re interested in making some of your own! 🙂

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