How to become a DIY Powerhouse

Since completing the stenciled cabinet project, I’ve been contemplating the obstacles Moms face in becoming creative DIY powerhouses. It seems to me that we all have a deep-seated need to do these things for ourselves. (Otherwise, why would Pinterest even exist?) The problem, clearly, lies not in our abilities but in the practicality of taking time for ourselves. So I present, in no particular order, a few recommendations for achieving a level of productivity beyond your wildest dreams.

DIY Powerhouse

1) Obtain at least one extra wife or husband for around the house. This tip is the most important. Their assigned tasks can range from being mauled by the children while you busily craft to wielding a power saw for a custom table, but the usefulness of a pair of extra hands cannot be overrated.

2) Have at least two children, if not more. Multiples entertain each other – once the screaming about who had it first and who wrecked the other’s block tower is over. While they’re learning conflict management skills, you’re logging your 10,000 craft mastery hours – double win!

3) Embrace sleeplessness. You’ve gotten so much practice you might as well put that skill to good use. Sleeplessness allows us to plumb the depths of our creativity and moves us to consider schemes we would have dismissed outright before.

4) Cherish and nurture your overactive, racing mind to: A) generate those creative ideas and B) nurture the illusion that you can finish creative projects quickly. We all know that if we were sane, we’d just hide away from the world until the last of our children reached 18 and flew the coop. These illusions are a gift.

5) Cultivate your ego. No, really. You’ll need it to daydream about how envious your friends will be of that customized wall sconce / paper mâché cactus / brand new no-sew curtain set in your living space. When you’re struggling to finish a project at 1 a.m., day-dreaming will see you through.

So, now when your friends come over and exclaim over your new paper mâché cactus wall sconce (artfully framed with no-sew curtains) and demand to know your secret… you can just puff up your chest and direct them here.

Warning: Results not typical. All recommendations to be tried at your own risk. Use of these recommendations represents your agreement to hold Author immune if recommendations do not produce predicted results. Discontinue use of recommendations if you experience intolerable levels of any of the following symptoms: Anxiety, Muscle Twitches, OCD-like perfectionism tendencies, Unexplained Sleepiness During the Day, Inability to Think, Unnatural Reliance on Caffeinated Beverages, or tendencies toward Craft Supply Hoarding.

5 thoughts on “How to become a DIY Powerhouse

  1. So clever! Especially #5. I’m so not crafty or very visual at all so hard to even IMAGINE a new way to purpose furniture at Goodwill or something like that. I admire those who are though!

    1. Oh Nina, I have to confess that I do not even touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to re-imagining something. I can envision new things that I want, but it’s really really hard for me to do the amazing repurposes that people can do with furniture and clothing and other things. It really is a gift!

  2. Hahaha, love the warning at the end :). My sister and I always joke that it would be awesome to be each others “sister wife” but, uh, not in a sharing-husband way ;). More in a ‘I wish we could spend all day with each other and take turns helping each other and getting stuff done!”

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