Starving Artist Art Show Tour!

Sooooo… would you believe that I’ve never done a video before? I was super super nervous, but this is for everyone who couldn’t come to the show. You all are wonderful!!! You can see the frame for my bio just behind my head in the first shot… and I’ve included it below the video.

(And how is that YouTube always chooses the MOST unflattering split-second to use as the coverframe? I’ve seen that happen on so many videos!)

Dakota Midnyght Show Bio

I’ve been fascinated with the natural world since I was old enough to eat dirt. (And apparently I ate plenty, until I was old enough to use play dough, which I apparently decided was “too dirty.” Go figure.) As an adult, the colors, texture and behavior of earth’s creatures are a never-ending source of entertainment. I love searching out insects, smelling flowers, and observing animal behavior. I’m extremely fortunate to live in Montana – right smack dab in the middle of a natural paradise.

Fantasy has also been a long time obsession of mine. I’ve steeped my brain in completely unrealistic realities for the last 20-odd years now… Lord of the Rings. Chronicles of Narnia. Dragonriders of Pern. I owe a tremendous debt of inspiration to these influences. Between the two – nature and fantasy – I’ve found an endless source of questions and what ifs.

For example; if penguins lived on the moon, what would they eat?

Although Nashvillian by birth, I consider myself a die-hard Montana girl. I grew up in Kalispell and graduated from the University of Montana’s School of Journalism in 2006. After postgraduate work at Montana Tech, my then-fiance and I scrambled to see who could find a job first – with understanding that we’d move to wherever the first person was employed. I desperately wanted to move home to Missoula, and I won! But, one wedding, two baby boys, and three jobs later – not necessarily in that order – I decided corporate life as a technical writer was not for me.

With my husband’s support, I began staying home with the kids and searched for a new direction. I tried a few other ventures on for size but nothing quite fit until, on a whim, I picked up my colored pencils and began to draw. My reasoning was that pencils are small, portable and projects are easy to stop and start. Ha! I’ve now taken over part of the living room with my “small” collection of colored pencils and art papers… but I couldn’t be happier.

Midnyght Whimsies is my exploration of combining the patently absurd and what ifs of our natural world. As the mother of two young boys, I often find myself pointing out the magic of small things… the bright colors on a spider’s back, the inquisitive tilt to a crow’s head, the perfect bouquet of fall colors that nature provides for us. Children have a way of centering our attention on the magic of small things, and above all asking why.

What would a gnome’s house look like? Can robots fall in love? What do penguins dream about?

Indeed… what IF???

6 thoughts on “Starving Artist Art Show Tour!

  1. This was so cool! I can’t even stand it! I SO wish I could come: LOVE the cozy space; LOVE your stories about how the pieces came to be; and, most of all, LOVE your art.

    You go, Dakota! Congrats on EVERYTHING.

    You deserve it.

    Godspeed at the show…


  2. Awww I love this!! First of all DAKOTA! YOU’RE A REAL PERSON!!! You speak and move and are animated in that video!!! Unreal. Thank you for sharing! The cafe looks like a great spot to showcase your art (how did you get frames up on that brick wall?!) and everything is set up beautifully.

    I love the bio and the background information. I’ve picked up bits and pieces over the months, but this is much easier to follow :). And now I kind of want to move to Montana. Nature!

    Hope the art show turned out well!! You deserve it!

    1. Hi JoEllen!!! It’s always really surreal when you SEE the person behind the writing, isn’t it?! Whether it’s a picture or a voice recording or video or whatever… I was super nervous about doing this because I’m camera shy, but it was kind of maybe sort of fun, and so now I’m debating how to work in a little more video here. It’s something I don’t think about much because I personally don’t tend to watch videos as much… I forget that the rest of the world does!

      If you ever want to visit Montana, please, do come to Missoula! I’d be happy to show you around! Missoula, Bozeman and Billings are the big airport hubs here. If you want to be on the Western side of the state and see Yellowstone or Glacier, definitely fly into Missoula or Bozeman though – Billings is several hours of driving away.

      The art show was fabulous. Overwhelming. Surreal. I’m still reeling!

  3. Congratulations. You should feel proud to have accomplished the most difficult challenge is for an artist and that if make the quantum leap to trying to make a living doing it. I am so happy that you are doing it and getting the support from Eli, who is a champ in my book and to have two children for inspiration. I would like to put my two cents in abot the video. First time out was excellent, second time try to get the sound better . You were picking up too much ambient room noise and the other thing you might want to give thought to doing is to get closer to each painting with you explaining the exactly the way you did. If you don’t have enough time to talk about every picture than select your favorites to show all of us followers.
    I have the elephant “Fluffy” with the Pappillion butterfly perched on his nose. It hasn’t been framed yet but I have it tacked (with only 1 push pin, to my wall next to my desk so I get to see it every day. Love you, Uncle Boo OXOXOXOXOXO

    1. Uncle Boo!!! Yes, I agree with all your comments about the video. We just did it with Eli’s phone, and so there wasn’t a lot of mike control and the test video also “stuttered” when refocusing – so we were trying to keep it as steady as possible (which meant not zooming in and out a lot). I was really nervous about doing it, but now that I have done it, it was kind of fun! I’m debating trying to do more… so yes, I’d need to look into how to make the quality a little better.

      I’m so glad you like your elephant! I love YOU. OXOXOXOXOXO BACK.

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