Art Print Giveaway!!!

Well, things are getting exciting around here! My Meet and Greet event is this Friday and I’m really looking forward to it. There were two major undertakings to this show (after, of course, just creating the art). The first was actually getting the show up on the walls, which happened on the 30th. The second is the Meet and Greet on the 12th, where I try to persuade all my friends and acquaintances to come and hang out with me for a little while so I don’t spend three hours by my lonesome! After that, I feel I can relax a bit. But first….


I decided to celebrate the Meet and Greet (and – let’s be honest – to also start putting the Etsy store in front of more eyes) by doing giveaways on Facebook and Instagram. I’d love it if you bopped over there and checked it out… and entered if you are interested. (Even if you’re my friend and don’t think you should. Seriously.)

This concept of wrapping things up is interesting. I have things to do, of course – list more items in the Etsy store (cards and a few prints that haven’t made it yet), write some of the blog posts rattling around in my head, revamp my Pinterest account, and start working on a few other projects I’ve got in mind. There’s always things to do, but I actually sat down and read a book on Saturday morning (yes, the  entire thing!). And I watched part of the Nutcracker Ballet with Munchkin (he’s started doing “ballet” moves in the living room now, I love it). And we got a Christmas tree – which we’ll decorate tonight. I miss drawing and I’m ready to work on some new illustrations (right after I figure out where to store all the tape and poly-envelopes and title cards that have taken over my desk!) but it’s nice to not feel too much pressure. My health has definitely taken a hit in the last few weeks and I’m really to start prioritizing that. And I’m really ready to just slow down and enjoy the season… more on that soon in “How I became the Christmas Grinch…

6 thoughts on “Art Print Giveaway!!!

  1. super cute and fun im sure im too late for the contest but wanted to show my support I gotur card from my husband who works at the gfs

    1. Hi Ashley!!! Yes, I remember talking to your husband. 🙂 Yes, unfortunately the contest closed on Dec 12th, but I sure appreciate you stopping by and saying hello! I do really appreciate all the support. 🙂

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