Out of the Comfort Zone

Oh man, I really didn’t think I was going to manage a blog post this week, but I’m going to throw this one together simply to stay in the writing habit… things are heating up in my little corner and it’s great and overwhelming and exciting and terrifying all at once.

I. Halloween was awesome and exhausting. I finished up Elf’s costume at 1 a.m. on the 31st, but I was really glad it all came together in time for the boys to dress up. I’m really proud of myself this year… I sewed or made nearly everything for the boys – with the exception of Munchkin’s boots and his hat (although I did sew on new gold braid), and Elf’s shoes. Well, I guess I didn’t make their socks either. Or the sword – the Engineer made that. The belt was a pain. Oh my. I loved doing his brown Jedi belt a couple of years ago, but I got the wrong kind of leather for this one (well, maybe it’s the right kind but I didn’t have the right tools) and it was a challenge. I still enjoyed it, but I won’t make that mistake again!

Seeing those costumes come to life even though I was so bloody exhausted and struggling with my health – it was extremely fulfilling. The only sad thing is that Munchkin’s costume – being all black – doesn’t photograph terribly well! (There are fun details on the shirt that just don’t show up. Sad face.) Also, Elf’s hat ended up being just a touch small, so it fits right now but it won’t last long in the costume chest. (Nearly all my kids’ costumes have ended up in Munchkin’s chest for ongoing use.) The hat was actually a ton of fun to make though – now I want to find a cosplay character with a hat just so I can make another one for me.


And, this was the first year we actually went trick or treating. In the past we were able to skip it, but now Munchkin knows what’s supposed to happen and our jig is up. Now, as a parent, I have to say that it’s really weird to take your kid up to various houses of people you don’t know, let your kid knock on their door, and just expect they’ll give your kid candy. Just for knocking. And, you know dressing up. But… yeah, really so weird. On the other side of it… as the candy-hander-outer, not weird at all… I love it, but as a parent this was an eye-opening experience.

II. My heath… sooo yes, on that. I’ve been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and a low-functioning thyroid. Thank all the gods – I apparently do not have Hashimoto’s disease (an autoimmune disorder where your immune system destroys your thyroid), but with some time and rest and iodine should be able to get myself back into shape. I am so infinitely grateful for this. Of course, the rest thing is challenging, considering the other things I have going on, but that leads me to the next thing…

III. I am struggling to reprioritize my time, especially as it relates to social media, blog reading, and blog commenting. I used to do a lot of my catching up on Sunday nights, but now I’m trying (operative word) to stay off of the computer almost entirely on the weekends and make this last push to finish up pieces for my December art show… I’m finding that it’s critical for me to “take the weekend off” as much as I can. So, if I haven’t come by your blog and commented, or liked your posts on FB, please know that’s probably why. It is definitely not that I don’t like you anymore.

instagram collage
Little Robot Boy, Fantasy fish in progress (title TBD), and “Oops!” (Or “Fishing for the Big One.”)


IV. I’m slowly getting ready for this art show and for actually offering prints and cards for sale online and I’m really really really close! I got through my paper tests and ordered a supply (should be here Monday!) and either have or am getting quality scans of everything I have completed. (Most of the Animeals picture scans, sadly, are not salvageable, and I don’t have those pictures anymore… the little scanner I started with just doesn’t have the chops to do what I need.) I’m checking things off my to do list every day and it is SO. EXCITING. And terrifying. Have I mentioned how nerve-wracking this is? I’ve received a tremendous amount of support and encouragement from friends here and in person and I can’t tell them enough how much I appreciate it.

Ufta, so… on to more things this afternoon!

Image found on http://theburiedlife.tumblr.com.
Image found on http://theburiedlife.tumblr.com.

4 thoughts on “Out of the Comfort Zone

  1. Wow, so sorry to hear that you are having health issues, even if they are “fixable.” Even having a cold as a mom is hard! I hope you are able to find rest when you can (no small feat, as you say).
    Congratulations on taking steps forward in creating your business; I am really happy for you!!
    And I am obsessed now too with the face Elf is making in that photo! Hahaha. We actually did the whole trick-or-treating for the 1st time this year too, now that my oldest is 4 (we waited this long for various reasons). It was fun, but we kept things really simple and went to just a handful of houses. Surreal too, as you indicate.
    Great costumes, by the way! I wish I knew how to sew. I took lessons once with this old lady when I was in high school and I was the worst one in the class and just kind of gave up. Hmmm…maybe I’ll add it to the growing list of “all the things.” 😉

    1. Thank you so much for your sympathy… (and I know I’m saying that a lot, but I mean it!) and yep… I’m not sure how this is going to work. It kind of isn’t, right now.

      Trick or treating… I know, right? We only did a few houses and then Munchkin really wanted to do some more on the block of a particular friend’s house so the hubby did some with him… I was amazed by how quickly he caught the candy bug. He got a ton of candy just from the little bit he did… so he got to binge that night and most of it mysteriously disappeared. I’m not sure HOW that happened. 😉 Thank goodness for obliging adult friends who can’t go trick or treating themselves. I love the dressing up, not sure sure about the candy part. 😛 And thank you for the costume compliment!

      Do you have a sewing machine? There’s SO many tutorials out there about how to sew this or that or whatever… but what I’d say is pick something you reaaaaaaaaly want to sew. Not like a prom dress, or anything super complicated, but maybe a pair of comfy pants for your littles. Pick a nice heavy knit – I can coach you through drawing a pants pattern if you want – and use a knit needle for the machine. Do an elastic waist, cause that’s easiest. And then just go a little bit slow until it starts to feel natural. I know you can do it!

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