Purely Fantasy – Fish and Dragon

I am slowly but surely finishing up the last few drawings for the Team Animeal’s Fundraiser, and these two have gone off to their new homes.

Although I initially didn’t want to take subject matter requests, I ended up doing so to keep the donations coming in.  I just didn’t have enough drawings finished to allow folks to pick from – which was my original plan. In the past I’ve found that conforming to someone else’s vision can kill my creativity, and I’m thankful that I didn’t end up in that situation this time.


This fish was for a high school friend of mine, a lovely Pisces lady. She asked about the possibility of a fish and I immediately flashed to the original Fantasia movie and thought of this design. I want to play with this inspiration a little more. I have a couple other fish layouts in mind – but all of these sketches were just 4×6″ and so the size didn’t lend itself to anything else.


I ran into the same problem with this little dragon. This one is for a friend of mine who is an incredible and respected artist who does a wide range of work, but is best known for his dragons. It just so happens that his wife is also our children’s pediatrician. I was quite flattered that he even noticed my little drawings! Again, I originally had another layout in mind, but the space restrictions made it impossible. I was, however, able to work in the ladybug. My friend often uses ladybugs for his wife and dragons for himself when doing work, so I thought it would be fun to include both elements as homage to his work.

So! Just a couple more of these to do and then onward to other works…

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