Straddling Worlds

Ricochet. It even sounds like bouncing around from one extreme to the other.

A lot of exciting things are developing, but I find myself bouncing from depressed and on the verge of tears to manically happy within the space of a couple heartbeats. It’s not my preferred way to get through the day, let me tell you.

Part of me is afraid to post things like this. It’s the scared little cowering part of me that worries about judgement. I think of it as an argument between my heart and my ego. My ego does not want to be thought of as anything less than competent. My heart knows that somewhere out there, someone else – probably many someones – go through exactly the same thing.

I do best when I’m continually learning. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing free webinars about managing social media. Educating myself while entertaining children at home is an interesting challenge… Munchkin is solidly in his look-at-everything-I-do, NO!-Mama-look-at-meeeeeeee stage. I’ve scheduled both webinars during a time that Elf is normally asleep, but both times I’ve ended up listening to the end of the presentation while bouncing a baby on my hip, balancing my notebook on the piano and scrawling notes one-handed.

I’m also working really hard to get this artwork thing off and running. I’m almost finished scanning in the pieces I already have, and I’ve been working on a little dragon for one of those donation thank you sketches. I’ve got one more “commissioned” wordart piece to do after that. It is still mind-blowing that people like what I do…

Other than that, I’ve been spending a lot of time walking and running. The half marathon is coming up soon, too soon… I think I’ll be glad when it’s over. Training requires a significant portion of time that I could be using to draw, sew, or just keep the house clean!



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