In the Beginning…

I think origin stories are fascinating. Where people come from, and what shapes their experiences… it’s why I wanted, at one time, to be a journalist. As an interviewer you’re allowed to ask all sorts of questions about someone’s history and they’re not obligated to answer, of course, but the stories… oh the stories… As a sometimes-introvert, I have a hard time talking to folks I don’t know. That all changed when I hid behind a reporter’s pad.

Anyway, Sunday marks 5 years of blogging in this space. What else is blogging, if not interviewing yourself over and over again? So here is the beginning of the very first post I ever wrote for this blog. (Fun fact, I started as a gardening blog!)


I’ve wanted to garden ever since I was 5 years old and I begged my mother to buy me the Gurney’s Kids Seed packet for a penny. I was so excited when that packet came. It showed several plants on the front, but I really only remember that there were supposed to be pumpkins and sunflowers included. At that time my family was living in a house built in 1901 – a huge Victorian style farmhouse with a couple outbuildings – an old bermed barn and a root cellar – surrounding it. My parents had dug in a garden on an east facing slope and covered it with black plastic. All of their plants and seeds went there – but MY garden went next to the old barn on a small spot where the slope leveled out. I don’t think I watered that patch very much (I was only 5 after all) but I think only one or two sunflowers came up. I was horribly disappointed.

However, later that summer the cherry tomatoes were in full fruit, and one of my favorite pastimes was to wander past the garden and snag one of those tomatoes, rub it clean on my sleeve, and pop the whole tomato into my mouth. The burst of warm, sweet juice as I bit into it was a memory that has stayed with me all the way though college and beyond…

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