TuesdayTen – If wishes were fishes…

The #TuesdayTen this week is in honor of World Wish Day. “If the genie in the bottle gave you ten wishes, what would they be?” I decided to interview Munchkin for this one. I was curious to see what he’d come up with and I was pretty sure it’d be more entertaining than what I’d have to say.

As you read these, it is helpful to know that Munchkin is a big fan of Little Bear, and that lately he’s taken to calling the Engineer “Father Bear,” me “Mother Bear,” and referring to himself as “Little Bear.”


1. I’d like to have a Viking Boat.

Fair enough! I think it’d be pretty cool to have one too, although I’m not sure where we’d keep it. And trying to feed all those hungry Viking warriors? Mmm, that might be difficult.

2. I’d like to meet a Princess and her pet dragon, and the dragon would eat all of Little Bear’s cake.

Princesses and mermaids are pretty common imaginary friends to have around these days thanks to the Little Bear stories… 

3. I’d like to go in the snow and meet a Polar Bear…

I think polar bears are pretty cool too… I wouldn’t mind meeting one (from a safe distance) either!

4. I was thinking we could go fishing.

He’s been asking for this one for the last several weeks and I think the weather is finally warm enough for him to go to the kiddie pond and throw in a line!

5. I’d like to play in the snow dirt. It’s good for making holes.

I’m not sure what this one is. He was very definitive when I asked if it was snow (it’s not) or sand (also not)… he’s got me stumped!

6. I was thinking I could sing beautiful music when everyone is eating.

I love that Munchkin sings. He’s been doing it more and more lately and I am soooo happy he finally started singing more. I sing around the house quite a bit, but we went through a period where he didn’t want to listen to me at all, and he wasn’t singing either. Now he’ll sing along to songs and I’m often surprised by how well he knows the lyrics.


7. I’d like to ride on a dragon.

Me too, kiddo! Me too!

8. Ride in a plane with Father Bear.

The Engineer is coming back from a work trip tonight by plane and I suspect that is what prompted this one… but he asks to ride in a plane every time we pick up or drop someone off at the airport!

9. I’d like a rabbit!

We’re not big on Easter as traditionally celebrated, so this one came out of the blue for me. Maybe when he and his brother are a little older!

10. Ride on a Rooster at the Carousel.

Our Carousel doesn’t have a rooster steed, but the rest of that wish is one we can make come true very soon!!!!


Interviewing Munchkin for this was really entertaining… I wasn’t sure what responses I was going to get. Thank you to Lisa of The Golden Spoons and Rabia of The Lieber Family for hosting and coming up with questions! If you were entertained by my answers, pop on by their blogs for more participants or search with the hashtag.

11 thoughts on “TuesdayTen – If wishes were fishes…

  1. Aww! I love that you interviewed your son for this! Ten wishes coupled wight he innocence of childhood – just precious!

  2. I love his answers! I love the imagination and the non-hesitation when asked for wishes of little ones! That changes when they get older so enjoy it!!

  3. I want to ride on a dragon too! That sounds awesome. I agree with your son, rabbits are cool, but I’m really trying to convince my husband to accept my proposal to buy a hedgehog.

  4. This post was magical and unique: Just the thing to help me unwind this evening.

    Thank you for this page of sunshine, Dakota!


    p.s. My son really digs rabbits, too.

    1. Aw, thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 You might try tracking down the Uncle Wiggly stories for him… they’re a bit dated and I do a little on the fly editing as I’m reading them aloud (there’s some gender assumptions; girls are always nice, boys can be naughty but girls aren’t, boys go camping but girls don’t, that sort of thing) but in general they’re very sweet and entertaining. 🙂

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