Monday Musings – Concenter

concenter (verb) /kənˈsentər/

1. concentrate (something) in a small space or area.

  • come together or collect at a common center.


  • bring or draw (two or more things) toward a common center.


For the past three years my craft space was graciously hosted by a close friend with an extra room. It has been lovely, honestly. I left the house to work and could actually accomplish things, without interruption (if it was late in the day) or had at least the novelty of “a different space” mindset for Munchkin. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sew at all during my third trimester. After that, Little Elf’s nursing schedule made it tough to take any time away in the evenings, and I’m finding that any time I have to work is during the day. Of course, that’s when naptime happens.

So it has all come home. We spent a good portion of Friday and Saturday packing and moving. Little Elf sleeps with us anyhow, so I’ve taken over the nursery for now. Sometime, maybe, I’ll move back to that space, but this is the change that needed to happen right now. My beading and papercraft items have always lived here, so it’s a grand reunion of all my creative supplies.


I feel like I’m coiling tight, preparing. The name change has set a lot of gears in motion.


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings – Concenter

  1. Great post! Just wanted to stop in and say, “Hi.” (Love the photos with the plastic Easter eggs.:-)

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