A Camera Affair – stepping out on my DSLR

The best camera is the one you have with you.

I love my dslr, but I think I’ve finally found a camera for those times that hauling the Canon is just too much. I know, I know… hard-core enthusiasts are probably thinking I’m a lightweight right now – and I admit I am. Hauling 22+ lbs of baby plus whatever else (on this trip he was in a pack with accompanying essentials) and the Canon isn’t exactly a picnic. I’ve hiked with it before, but lots of times now I just want something to pull out quickly and doing lots of manual adjustment with grabby Elf hands is challenging. Additionally, I usually need two hands to hold and adjust and that’s a rarity to have these days.

These photos were taken with a Fujifilm F850EXR and I’m loving it. I resize my blog photos to 800 px wide and sometimes I notice the compression is off when I do that, but I think the Fuji almost equals the Canon for clarity and sharpness – which is the main issue I had with other point and shoots. Credit for finding the Fuji actually goes to the Engineer. We bought it for a complete steal at Target (of all places) and mine was the last one in Missoula.

(In honor of NaPoWriMo…)

Little Boy with Sticks

They’re for camping! he says with

Rays of unlit fire


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