Sunday Snapshot/Monday Musing: Delitescent

delitescent del-i-TES-uhnt, adjective:

concealed; hidden; latent.

(Monday musings is a weekly post I used to do with a dictionary word as inspiration. Sundays are getting a bit hectic lately and I’m just plain forgetting to put up my Sunday post, so it’s getting revived and combined this week. ) 


Photographing my mother’s band, the Soul City Cowboys, is always a bit tricky. There’s usually not much light. If there is… it’s all of one or two colors.


But sometimes it makes for an interesting shot. Over the years I’ve gotten better at making the most of it and composing a photograph. My biggest challenge is always the drummer. He moves too quickly to get a sharp image and it’s also challenging to compose a shot without a lot of other distractions. I lucked out this time around and managed to get a couple that are decent.


I have “hidden” and “latent” on the brain lately. I’m cleaning and organizing the house like a mad woman. I’m amazed by how much energy I have for this particular project — I wake up thinking that I will surely be too tired to do anything, and then I find myself scrubbing out cupboards or mercilessly winnowing clothes. Yesterday I went through all my clothes – a few bags intended for the thrift store, some in storage, other stuff I have saved thinking I might wear it again – and today I took 3/4s of it to the YWCA. It feels good to have it out of the house – exposing those “hidden” house bones beneath the stuff on top! – but it’s a little depressing to realize how few clothes I have that I actually love and fit into. I shouldn’t complain… I’m wearing things that I haven’t been able to fit into since before Munchkin was born but I’m still navigating that awkward nursing stage.

Still, as I keep working, a better design, a better organization starts surfacing. As a place where I spend 90% of my time, the house is starting to feel much more comfortable and that is a huge relief.

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