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I feel so jumbled these days. Lots of ideas, not a ton of time to work on them, and so I have to choose which one(s) will be my baby(ies) for the day and get the attention. This is on top of normal baby stuff of course…

I. I get a lot of comments along the lines of “Wow, I don’t know how you have time to do all this stuff!” I don’t know about other moms who “do things,” but here are some of my unconventional and backwards habits. Your mileage may vary!

– I spend a lot of time being sleep deprived. I mean really sleep deprived. That whole thing about sleep when the baby is sleeping? Um no, I don’t do that. Can’t with the second, and definitely didn’t with the first one. Most times it is more important for my mental health to spend some time doing what I really want to do instead of getting sleep and I am happier for it. The downside is I tend to push until I’m totally burnt out and then I crash for a few days until I can pick up the pace again. Trying to maintain a steadier pace really doesn’t give me the creative space that I need, so I am sticking with the turn and burn (and crash) cycle until Little Elf gets a little bigger and he and Munchkin can occupy themselves for short periods.

– I write at odd times and odd places. It’s a bit horrifying to admit, but sometimes I blog while in the bathroom. I have to make the most of any minute I have available. Luckily I type quickly and my fingers keep up with my brain. It’s actually (usually) harder for me to make a short post when I have something to say. But longer posts take longer to put together as every couple minutes I check on the kids or put someone down for a nap or pay attention to the newest and greatest lego creation. I’m really trying to be more present for my kids during the day… so if I’m on the computer and Munchkin wants my attention for the 10th time in two minutes… well… I’m trying to give it to him.

And the back....
And the back….

– I let it all hang out. I try to keep my craft things out front and center so that when I have those three minutes to work I can utilize the time and don’t have to spend it setting up something. My art supplies are on top of the piano, I keep the WordPress tab open, and let’s not even talk about the chaos that is the “closet” in the nursery. (I’ve taken over half of that room at this point… Little Elf sleeps with us so he’s not using it, right?) Sadly, because sewing does take a bit more set up (as in, turn on the sewing machine) and is site specific those are the projects that take the longest. (And why the art projects appear with more frequency.) However, I never have more than one thing in progress at time. Otherwise I end up with unfinished projects all over the place.

– Last but not least, rumors of my productivity are highly exaggerated.

So… onward!

II. I’ve started reading Uncle Wiggly stories to Munchkin at night. The books I have are ones that my grandmother sent me, and my Dad used to read it to me at night. It has very few pictures, so I’m surprised that Munchkin is so into it… but he’s really enjoying them. The one quibble I have is the frequency with which boys are put down – only boys are bad (girls are never horrible like little boys), boys can’t sing and girls are better at it… that sort of thing. It’s a bit shocking to read this sort of disparagement  – but the stories are older – written between 1910 and 1940. Maybe that’s normal… I guess there’s a flavor of it in the Narnia books. I’m editing on the fly – not hard to do – but a tactic which won’t last once Munchkin reads well enough to read the story himself. Aside from that, I’m really enjoying sharing this piece of my childhood with him, and I’m soooo happy that we’re finally at the point where I can read stories with no pictures!

III. Welkin – n. the sky or the vault of heaven. Love this word.

IV. The food blog is a go. However I’m building up posts so I have some padding before I go live. I feel really good about this. Food is the one thing I’m super passionate about and do nearly non-stop. I do hit my burn out periods, but it’s a near constant unlike a lot of my other passions.

V. I’ve been on a major deep cleaning/rearranging kick this week. My kitchen and dining area are totally rearranged! It feels good – really good – but it takes so much time!

VI. My boys. I’ve been given one of the best gifts possible. Watching the two of them interact is so amazing and precious.

2 thoughts on “Random Thought Collection

  1. food blog? wow, I don’t know how you do it. Seriously, when my kids were little, I didn’t really have time for cooking much less writing about it. Though, somehow me and a friend of mine re-covered our white (well not so white with 3 small children) couch. I still don’t know how we did that, except she had a baby too, and actually she did most of the sewing while I played with the kids….so perhaps I can’t really take credit for re-covering the couch……

    Anyhoo. You are very productive, yes, but more important, you get to spend time with your little ones, which actually is more important. They grow so fast….

    1. Oh I figure I cook anyway and I experiment anyway, so why not just document the process??? I love food.

      On spending time with the kids… oh yes. It’s so amazing to be able to stay with Little Elf this time around and I’m so glad I have this chance before they get bigger.

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