(Late) Sunday Snapshot – Blue Skies Again

For the last couple of months I’ve shot only in either full manual or aperture priority mode, and I’m rather proud of myself. It’s taken a while to feel confident enough to make the switch. Often photo opportunities are so quickly lost with children and I’ve been afraid of loosing them… but I’ve learned enough about the light in the spaces I’m shooting in to generally have a good idea of what settings I need. Summer will bring a whole other group of challenges, of  course, but at least I’m committed to this course now!


I actually took this shot way back in February on one of those rare sunny days. I was just playing around with camera settings. This is the view from my front window. Sometimes, some days, this view is quite beautiful.

This past Saturday was gorgeous… warm (high 40s!) sun-drenched weather. I should have taken the opportunity to get some gardening prep done, but instead we took the family and just got out for a few hours. It was so nice to enjoy the outdoors.

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