Sunday Snapshots – Snowy Day Activity and Wish for a Summer Day

We’ve been absolutely buried here in Missoula… an avalanche actually came down a mountain on Friday evening in an outlying neighborhood. It demolished one house, severely damaged another, and four people were buried. Thankfully, all four were rescued and are in varying health conditions at the hospital. I’m not even sure how much snow we have at this point… if I had to make a guess I think the snow is easily two feet deep on average now and of course it’s worse than that in some places because of drifts.

Snowy Day 1

I actually love having this much snow… the downside is we’ve been cooped up in the house because of bitterly cold temperatures and severe wind chill. On Friday I scrounged for something for Munchkin and I could do and pulled out some embroidery thread and some of the several hundred scrap paper circles he’s punched out and we put together a mobile. He was rather unsure about it at first but seems to like it well enough now.

I must confess that putting it together went something like this… While cutting lengths of thread… “Why don’t you punch some holes in the circles like this.”  (I demonstrate.) “Like this?” he says, while punching multiple holes in the middle of the circle. “No, if you put them in the center then it is harder to connect them all together… do it closer to the outside.” “Like this?” he says, moving the punch to the correct position. “Yes! Like tha…. No no! (as he moves the punch to the middle again) Um… why don’t you make some more circles? We need more green ones.”

Snowy Day 2

He did a great job putting thread through the holes after I finally persuaded him to try that… although my visions of an awesomely multi-stranded mobile crumbled after about 5 minutes… still, we practiced our fine motor skills.

I’m also throwing this one up there… I’ve thought a lot about gardening recently (even though my garden beds are buried) and occasionally spend a few minutes thinking about what I’ll plant this year. This is one of my favorite pictures from Farmer’s Market a few years ago, and was actually taken with just a little Lumix point and shoot. Bright green and orange… haven’t seen much of that lately!

market basket

I miss my little Lumix. The lens got scratched just before Munchkin’s first birthday and I upgraded to the Canon Rebel TSi1. It’s tough to take lots of photos while also carrying Little Elf though, and I’ve recently started looking for a good little point and shoot for on the go photography. I’m very disappointed with the Canon Powershot and Lumix DMC cameras that I’ve tried… they had terrible picture quality. Perhaps I’m just spoiled after using the Canon – but I was able to take great photos with the old Lumix. I know there’s some photographers that occasionally read this blog. Do any of you have any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots – Snowy Day Activity and Wish for a Summer Day

  1. I love that mobile! nice job!
    sorry, although my mother was a photographer, I am sadly photogenically challenged. Hubby is a photographer too, but hasn’t done much with it lately, so we just putter around with a Nikon Coolpix, which is pretty good for a point and shoot kind of camera. It is not tiny (he likes the bigger cameras), but the pics turn out pretty good.

    I can’t wait for Spring too!!!

    1. I don’t like the new tiny little cameras either… well… I’d love something in between the “so small it disappears” size and the “too large to conveniently tote” size… so I sympathize with your husband!

      Oh man, spring… I not quite in full on MUST HAVE SPRING mode but I’m getting a bit stir crazy… I’ll be happy when it hits!

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