Sunday Snapshot – Gender Bender

For Munchkin’s 2nd birthday, a friend and I built him a toy kitchen. At the time, I was working in a corporate environment and I got a lot of flack for wanting to make him one.

“A kitchen, for a boy?” they asked. “Why not?” I replied.

The kitchen is currently in the workshop for a few repairs, but Munchkin “cooks” something for me most days – whether it’s air soup, or bread and tomato sandwiches on pizza – and if I’m cooking in the kitchen he’s right there. And why shouldn’t he be? Cooking is a skill that everyone needs to know. More than that – it boggles my mind that despite cooking being a “feminine” occupation in the home, the majority of top-paid chefs are male.



Apparently I’m doing it again. Munchkin has repeatedly asked me to sew with him. We tried some felt on felt action, but it wasn’t working too well. So for his birthday I put together a kit of plastic cross-stitch grid, embroidery thread, and a blunt needle in a little case. He’s been going to town practicing his stitching.

I’m super proud of him. Need I point out all the famous male clothing designers to defend this one?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot – Gender Bender

  1. Life skills are not gender specific! Likewise, girls should learn how to mow the lawn, shovel snow, and change a tire. You will never regret teaching your munchkin to cook and sew, and he will definitely thank you for the education that will last him a life time.

    1. I totally agree. And if shoveling a foot of snow off of our 125 foot driveway by hand when I was a kid is any indication… I got a good dose of the other side too!

  2. Sewing will be great for his fine motor skills.

    We got a play kitchen for both our kids (a boy and a girl) for Christmas. It never occurred to me that my son “shouldn’t” play at cooking. He always wants to help with baking and already had play food. They both love their kitchen.

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