We Three Thoughts of December Are

I. There is no time. That is the long and the short of it.

Today we got back after being out (Munchkin has a gymnastics class on Friday mornings)… I nursed Little Elf before placating Munchkin, and then dealt with the most EPIC number two blowout of Little Elf’s existence before jostling him to sleep, and then tried to keep Munchkin quiet so he wouldn’t wake up the baby.  I finally just laid down in bed with him. As soon as Munchkin fell asleep, Little Elf started to fuss again and despite sleep nursing him to steal just five minutes for myself, he was having none of it. He’s currently sitting in my lap and being quiet which is a minor miracle. This will get easier – I know it will – but being right in the middle of it… these wonderful amazing sweet boys who want nothing more than to have every scrap of my attention every. single. damned. minute of the day… I completely broke down while cuddling with Munchkin… he kept saying don’t cry Mama, don’t cry… that is something, to be comforted by your preschooler.

In general I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed and ridiculously emotional and it’s very easy to not demand time for myself because it feels selfish. Also, Little Elf is waking up at all the wrong times at night, so despite going to bed earlier I think I feel less rested then when I was retiring in the early a.m.s.

Okay, the complaint hour is now over.

II. I’ve made lots of Christmas presents to keep our gifting budget under control. And one furry, horned hood. This particular piece came to life because a friend saw a horned “viking” hat from Hot Topic that he wanted. It was out of stock but he ended up commissioning me to make him one. I already had the fur and he requested an extra set of horns and that the long ones be longer… so this was the outcome. Apologies for the grumpy face… I wasn’t paying attention when I took the picture!

Horned Hood | Dakota Midnyght (dakotamidnyght.com)

III. I’ve been researching ways and places to take the art thing a little more public. The parents of a my best friend are watercolor artists (they teach watercolor classes and do a painting show that shows up on PBS occasionally) and have been extremely generous with their advice. I’ve also discovered RedBubble and ImageKind – art websites that theoretically let you showcase your artwork and sell it online as prints or calendars or shirts or whatever. (I know there’s other websites like this as well.) I haven’t taken the step of actually putting anything online yet, but I’m taking steps in that direction. It’s very intimidating and exciting!

WIP Robots in Love| Dakota Midnyght Art (dakotamidnyght.com)

This is my current work in progress… it’s inspired by my cousin (who adores robots) and his lady.

IV. Despite all the complaining, I do really love the holiday season. Munchkin is really into it this year and that makes it so much more special. We went to see a local business’s Santa (we’ve been avoiding the typical mall scene the past couple of years) and Munchkin was so excited to finally see him and ask what Santa wanted for christmas!


The do-it-yourself pictures are less polished but I’m loving the imperfectness and spirit behind them. I feel like the season should be less about the glam and veneer and more about the down-and-dirty feeling of it.

Okay, that was four thoughts. So sue me.

Merry Yule everyone. 🙂

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