Jack ‘o Pirate

It has been a long time since I carved pumpkins. I don’t remember doing a whole lot of it as a kid, although I did win the Kalispell Junior High “Most Creative” pumpkin carving category. But I don’t remember going out of our way to obtain and carve them when I was younger.

Halloween hasn’t been a big deal in our household for a few reasons. Munchkin – despite being dressed up every year – has no real concept of Trick-or-Treating (fine with me!), picking out a costume (I did it for him), or the decorations. This year he’s recognizing witches and ghosts and ghouls and trying the “I’m scared!” bit on for size (I’m not trying to belittle my kid here but I know when he’s scared and when he’s not and I really don’t think he is in this instance) and sort of kind of picked a costume… but the pumpkin carving piece of it was new to him.

The Engineer’s parents gifted us a couple of homegrown pumpkins this year, otherwise I don’t know that I would have even tried carving some. Despite the lovely fantasies in my head of Munchkin absorbed in the carving process, getting elbow deep in pumpkin gore, and excitedly clapping when the lights go out and the candle go on for the first time… well, I’m grounded enough to know that wasn’t going to be the reality.


Pumpkin carving went a little more like this:

Showing him carved pumpkins on Pinterest to get the idea across… “Ooh… look at… nevermind, that one is, oh! That one is cool… isn’t it? Nope? Okay… scrolling on through *sigh.* ”

Laying out the newspaper and assembling carving tools and bowls… “We’re going to carve pumpkins, isn’t that exciting?!”

Cutting the top off the first one, “Okay, here we go! Wow! Look at all those seeds! Want to touch?”

I started digging out the insides and scraping with a spoon. “Do you want to try?” I asked. “No, it’s dirty,” came the response.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised. My mother tells me that as a kid I didn’t even want to play with playdough because it got my hands dirty. Munchkin isn’t quite that bad. Some of the dirt covered pictures on this blog prove that, but he is proving to be a bit more like me in the “ewww that’s gross” department than I expected.

After the messy part was over I managed to capture his interest by making him the artistic director. He wanted a kitty and a pirate with a mustache, so that’s what went down. And the bit about the fantasy not coming true? Well, that wasn’t entirely the case… he got excited enough when the candles were lit!

4 thoughts on “Jack ‘o Pirate

  1. I LOVE the pirate pumpkin! ARRR!

    We have a pumpkin carving tradition every year with my hubby’s family. Everyone carves a pumpkin and then we all pose for a picture with the carved creations. Many years, my MIL has used the family picture for her Christmas card. It has usually been up to me to come up with a clever way to pose us all (which has become a bit of a challenge). When I joined the family, the traditional carving included 8 of us. It has now grown to 19!!

    1. That is a LOT of pumpkin carving, my goodness! Do you do themed pumpkins to go with the posing?

      I wouldn’t mind having a carving tradition, but at almost-four… mmm, Munchkin isn’t there yet. 😛

  2. Those are GREAT pumpkins!
    My kids are getting too old to get in to carving pumpkins. 🙁
    The last time we did it, thanks to Dad they were awesome and I love lighting them.
    Left on my own, well, it wouldn’t go so well.
    Good job!

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